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How does ARTBOX. SCREEN work?

ARTBOX.SCREEN gives talented artists from all over the world the unique opportunity to exhibit their works digitally at the ARTBOX.GALLERY in Zurich, Switzerland.
Each artist can submit their work to www.artboxscreen.com and will then be presented digitally on a screen in the ARTBOX.GALLERY Zurich during the booked period. Furthermore, all registered artworks will be published on www.artsy.net

How can I book a seat on an ARTBOX. SCREEN?

If you would like to book a seat on an ARTBOX. SCREEN, you can register your artwork on our website www.artboxscreen.com using the registration form! We look forward to your work!

How many works of art can I submit?

You can submit one work of art per package.
You are free to book as many packages as you like.

How do I submit a video?

If the file is larger than 20 MB, an image (thumbnail) must be uploaded in the registration form. You can send the video via Wetransfer to the e-mail address office@artboxscreen.com

Until when can I register?

You can register at any time. You can choose the month in which you want to show your artwork on the screen.

How much does the ARTBOX. SCREEN cost?

We offer a package for CHF 89.00/month: THE PACKAGE INCLUDES

  • 1 artwork, 1 month long in the slide show on the screen in the ARTBOX.GALLERY Zurich
  • Presentation of the artwork on the ARTSY art platform (www.artsy.net)
  • the artwork is shown on the framed QLED Screen 55" with best resolution in 4K UHD TV, QLED technology
  • Runtime of the screen Monday - Friday during gallery opening hours
  • artist name, image name and QR code (direct link to your website) are displayed
  • Artist portfolio is printed out and handed over to customers for their interest
  • Personal photo of the artwork on the screen
  • no commission on the sale of the work of art, 100% of the selling price goes to the artist

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal.

Are there any additional costs after the registration fee?

No, there are no additional costs.

Who can book a place on the ARTBOX.SCREEN?

All artists, regardless of nationality, can register and participate.

Which categories are accepted?

All categories are accepted.

My artwork was rejected?

Works with pornographic, racist or ethically inappropriate content will not be accepted. The decision as to whether a work of art is accepted or not rests solely with ARTBOX. GALLERY. If your work of art is not accepted, you will be refunded the fee you have paid.

What happens if someone wants to buy my artwork?

If someone wants to buy your artwork, we will contact you and discuss with you how to proceed. If you sell your artwork you will receive 100% of the sale price, the gallery does not take any commission.

What is the exact address of the ARTBOX. GALLERY?

ARTBOX. GALLERY Zurich is located at Giessereistrasse 1,8005 Zurich, Switzerland.

What are the opening hours of ARTBOX. GALLERY?

The ARTBOX. GALLERY in Zurich has the following opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

How will my artwork look on the ARTBOX. SCREEN?

Your artwork will be displayed with artist and artwork names, as well as a QR code linked to your website. Photos of what the artwork will look like on the screens can be found at www.artboxscreen.com.

I made a mistake when registering, what next?

If you made a mistake during registration, you can send us an e-mail to office@artboxscreen.com. we will be happy to correct the error.

How can I contact the ARTBOX.SCREEN team?

The best way to contact the ARTBOX. SCREEN team is by e-mail. Send an e-mail to office@artboxscreen.com. You can reach us by phone at +41 79 788 02 02 (CEST).

What is www.Artsy.net?

ARTSY is the second largest art platform (behind Christie's and in front of Sotheby's!) where only galleries can present works of art.

For how long will my artworks be on Artsy?

We'll present your artwork on Artsy for a month.

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