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ARTBOX.PUBLISH is a publishing house of ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH.

What are the different possibilities with ARTBOX.PUBLISH?

At ARTBOX.PUBLISH you can order a personalized catalogue according to your wishes. The catalogue will be designed especially for you. You also have the possibility to have your catalogue published worldwide, thanks to the ISBN number your catalogue will then be available in all bookstores worldwide.

What must the customer deliver?

When ordering a catalogue, you must supply the images, texts, your contact information and an artist's statement to be published in the catalogue.

Can I make changes to my catalog?

As soon as your catalogue has been finished by our design team, you will receive your catalogue by e-mail for viewing. You can then review it and inform us of any changes you wish to make. As soon as you have sent us the " OK to print " in writing by e-mail, the catalogue goes to print and no further adjustments can be made.

When do I have to pay for the catalogue?

The catalogue must be paid for when ordering. We do not start work until we have received the payment.

Can I order more catalogues?

You can reorder catalogues at any time. Please contact us directly by e-mail office@artboxpublish.com so that we can offer you a reduced price.

Who is behind ARTBOX.PUBLISH?

ARTBOX.PUBLISH is a company of ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH, which is located at General Guisan Strasse 6, P.O. Box 3533, 6303 Zug, Switzerland.

Who can order a catalogue?

Any customer who needs a catalogue can order one via ARTBOX.PUBLISH. It doesn't matter if you are a private person, an association or a company. We will find a suitable solution for you!

How do I order a catalogue

A catalogue, as well as all additional services can only be ordered via the order form on our website www.artboxpublish.com

How many works of art fit into my catalogue?

To show a work of art on each free page of the catalogue, we recommend the following number of images in relation to the number of pages. 12 pages = 6 works of art 16 pages = 10 works of art 20 pages = 14 works of art 24 pages = 18 works of art

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and bank transfers.

Can other people also order my catalogue?

Yes, if you have selected the publication of your catalogue, anyone can order your catalogue via our online shop or in any bookstore worldwide.

What will my catalogue look like?

Under this link you will find a sample catalogue

I made a mistake while ordering, what now?

If you notice an error after ordering, please report it immediately by email to office@artboxpublish.com. As soon as you have sent us the "Good to Print", we cannot make any more changes.

What is an ISBN number?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a number used to uniquely identify books and other independent publications with editorial content, such as multimedia products and software.

What does it mean when my catalogue is published?

When your catalogue is published it can be ordered by anyone worldwide in any bookstore.

Who creates my catalogue?

Your catalogue is created and designed by professional graphic designers from ARTBOX.PUBLISH.

Can I adjust the sales price of my published catalogue?

You may determine the selling price of your catalogue yourself, but it may not fall below our minimum value, which varies depending on the size of the catalogue.

What is my share when someone buys my catalogue?

You have the possibility to set the sales price of your catalogue higher than the given minimum sales price. If you set the price higher, you will receive the difference to your set retail price in addition to your share of 10% of the minimum sales price. For example: The minimum retail price is Euro 18.90, but you want to sell the catalogue for Euro 25. So you would get 10% of 18.90, so Euro 1.89 plus the difference to the retail price Euro 6.10, then your share per sold catalogue would be Euro 7.99 in total.

Can I withdraw the publication of my catalogue?

You can withdraw the publication of your catalogue at any time, we will remove it from all online shops as soon as possible and delete the ISBN number.

What do you mean by an artist's statement?

Here you can find a sample statement

How can I send the pictures of my artworks?

You can send us the image files of your works of art via the platform wetransfer. Go to the website www.wetransfer.com and choose the free file transfer. In the +Add files box, add all your image files. It is important that all your pictures have a resolution of 300dpi so that the print result is good! Label your files with your name and the name of the artwork. For example, FranzMusterDerSee.jpeg. Send your files in jpeg format. In the second field (at Email to) you insert the email address office@artboxpublish.com. In the field Messages, you can also leave us a message. If you have trouble with those instructions, you can also view the detailed instructions here: https://www.artboxpublish.com/picture-transfer-engl

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