ARTBOX.TALENT is a non-profit platform that wants to offer talented artists the opportunity to show their art at no cost. There will be different tenders for different exhibition forms and possibilities.

How is ARTBOX.TALENT financed?

ARTBOX.TALENT is financed by sponsors and patrons. The ARTBOX galleries allow 5% of the sales price of each sold work of art in the galleries to flow into the ARTBOX.TALENT platform.

How can I participate in ARTBOX.TALENT?

Every artist, no matter what nationality, can participate in the different ARTBOX.TALENT calls. All techniques and categories are permitted. ARTBOX.TALENT wants to be a platform for all art forms. You can register for the tenders here:

Is there a fee for participation?

Participation is free of charge. There are no registration or other fees.

How can I contact the ARTBOX.TALENT team?

The best way to contact the ARTBOX.TALENT team is by e-mail! Send an e-mail to You can reach us by phone on +41 79 788 02 02 (CEST)

Is there currently a free ARTBOX.TALENT tender?

There are regularly ARTBOX.TALENT tenders. Here you can see if there is a tender at the moment:

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