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ARTBOX.WEB creates professional websites without an initial investment, which can be rented and paid monthly. The ARTBOX.WEB team is made up of professionals in the field of programming and website design. The customer delivers his pictures, texts and all relevant information and we create a professional website with all relevant functions. The client does not have to pay for the creation of the website, he only pays a monthly rent for the website.

What options are there for websites?

There are three different levels, from a simple website to a website with its own shop or reservation system. Each website is individually tailored to the customer or company. Various additional modules can also be rented on request. What the three levels contain you can find on our website www.artboxweb.com.

What must the customer deliver?

The customer provides us with the pictures, texts and all relevant information requested by him/her. The customer undertakes to provide us only with material which he can guarantee that no copyrights will be infringed. You warrant that you own all rights to any Content you provide to us, including designs, images, animations, videos, audio files, fonts, logos, illustrations, compositions, artworks, texts, literary works and any other materials, or that you have all necessary licenses, permissions and consents to the lawful use, publication, transmission and licensing of the User Content.

When will the website go live / be made visible online?

From the moment the customer receives the viewing link, the website is ready to go online. From this point on, the customer decides when the website is going to go live.

By when can the customer request changes to the website?

The customer can request changes to the website at any time. From the moment the website is online / live, the number of changes according to the selected level package apply. Further changes can also be made on request against payment.

What are the possibilities?

There are 3 different levels, all details about the 3 levels and what they contain can be found on our website www.artboxweb.com

When do I have to pay the rent?

Before we send you the link for the final inspection, you will receive a subscription payment link from us. Only after we have received the first rent, we will send you the link for the inspection.

How can I cancel my subscription?

The subscription has a minimum duration of 12 months, after which the subscription can be cancelled at any time until the end of a month.

What happens to the website after I cancel it?

The website and the e-mail account as well as all associated data will be deleted irrevocably. The domain remains the property of ARTBOX.WEB by ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH. The lessee is not entitled to the domain name after termination of the lease. ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH has the right to transfer the domain to another customer after termination of the lease. Upon termination of the rental agreement, the lessee may submit an offer to take over the domain of ARTBOX.WEB by ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH. The decision as to whether the domain will be transferred to the tenant lies solely with ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH.

Are there any other costs besides the rent?

Apart from the monthly rental costs according to your desired package, there are no additional costs. You just pay the rent. The creation of the website as well as all set-up costs are free of charge for you. You also have a number of changes per month included in your package. If this number of changes is used up, we will inform you in advance, which would cost an additional change.

Can the unused items, including changes, be accumulated over the months?

You have a certain number of changes to the website per month included,
If the changes are not used, the inclusive changes expire at the end of the month. No changes can be cumulated over the months.

Who is behind ARTBOX.WEB?

ARTBOX.WEB is a company named ARTBOX GROUPS GmbH, which is located at the General Guisan Strasse 6, P. O. Box 3533,6303 Zug, Switzerland.

Who can rent a website via ARTBOX.WEB?

Every customer who needs a website can rent a website via ARTBOX.WEB. It doesn't matter if you are a private person, a club or a company. We will find a suitable solution for you! ARTBOX.WEB reserves the right to refuse orders.

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